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Brake Levers & Gear Protector: Designed for road bikes - the reinforced and padded brake lever cover is for drop handlebars and the padded sleeve for the entire drive train; from chain ring to rear derailleur to provide that extra bit of protection that will give you ease of mind.

Rear Derailleur Protector: It pulls on like a sleeve and is secured with hook and loop straps. Compatible with road, triathlon and mountain bikes. Integrated plastic reinforcements, double-padded sidewalls and a rigid protective shield covering the area of the rear derailleur hanger,

Top Tube Protector: It reinforces the top tube for transport in your bike travel  bag, bike travel case or when clamped on a roof rack, prepared for long-distance transport or for storage. Also great for keeping your bike free from scratches when locking or hanging into vertical racks. Tear and scratch resistant Nylon material, high-density foam padding and easy hook and loop strap closure makes the Top Tube Protection Pad a long lasting essential.

Front Fork Protector: An elastic top band makes sure the protector stays in place and is compatible with the vast majority of road and triathlon bike forks. It works with disc and non-disc forks. Integrated plastic reinforcements and double-padded side walls provide that extra protection for transportation.

Front Fork & Seat Stay Pad Kit: Reinforce the bike fork and the seat stays for transport in your bike travel bag/case, prepared for long-distance transport or storage. Tear and scratch resistant Nylon material, high-density foam padding and easy hook and loop strap closures make this kit long lasting and essential.

Wheel Bags: Compatible with 26”, 650b, 650c and 700c wheels. Constructed out of heavy duty Nylon fabric the bag will last a lifetime. Featuring rigid hub guards stitched to the exterior for extra reinforcement. Comes with a handle for easy carrying and a 180 degrees zipper opening for comfortable loading. The wheel bag does not contain any foam padding and is not recommended for air travel, but has rigid hub guards to prevent tears or scratches during transport. (Double holds 2 wheels where the Single holds 1 wheel)

Padded Wheel Bags: Constructed out of heavy-duty Nylon material and high-density foam padding, the wheel bag features reinforced hub sections stitched to the interior for extra reinforcement. Compatible with 26”, 650b, 650c and 700c road, cyclocross and triathlon wheels. (Double holds 2 wheels where the Single holds 1 wheel)

Flying with your road, mountain or triathlon bike can be extremely stressful since you're handing your bike over to airport staff and you can only hope that your bike comes out unscathed and in one piece on the other side of your flight.

So in addition to your bike bag/case, we've designed protection accessories to give you extra peace of mind for unseen circumstances where your bike is bumped or scratched in transit. There is no need to remove handlebars & seat post, complementing a good bike fit. And no tools are required so you can pack your bike in minutes!

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